Saturday, June 7, 2014

Field Season Starts Soon! And Good News re: Project Funding

Excavations start at Wiawaka on Monday, June 16 at 8:30 am! It isn't too late to join us; if you're interested in volunteering, send an email to mes (at) umd (dot) edu and I will send a volunteer application.

Project Funding
The Wiawaka Project has received a generous private donation of $200 that has been used to purchase a builder's level and associated equipment. This equipment allows us to record where exactly on the property we are digging.

A Summer Research Fellowship from the University of Maryland covers the cost of other field supplies and equipment, travel expenses, and research expenses for fieldwork and the last bits of archival research that need to be done (I will be visiting repositories in Rochester, Ithaca, and Syracuse).

Finally, the Women's Philanthropy Institute has granted me their 2014 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship. They grant these fellowships, intended to assist scholars in writing their dissertations, to projects that examine the history of women's philanthropy. I am honored to receive such a prestigious honor. You can follow the WPI on Facebook at

Many thanks again to all the volunteers and those who have supported this project financially and with the loan of equipment. It would not be possible without you all. See you on-site soon!


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